Labiaplasty/ Vaginal Labiaplasty

Despite there being a large variation in size and shape of the inner labia, large protruding labia minora could cause problems for many women. Not only from a cosmetic point of view as when wearing swim wear or tight clothing, but also from a functional point of view, causing uncomfortable and embarrassing situations during sexual activities.


All labiaplasties are done under sedation ( totally pain-free).  A triangular wedge of tissue is removed from each labium, preserving the natural free border and at the same time reducing the risk of excising too much soft tissue.

Mild discomfort may be expected during the first few days. All stitches are dissolvable. Twice daily cleansing followed by antiseptic sitz baths after 3 days. Antibiotic ointment to be applied after every cleaning session. Abstain from sexual intercourse for 6 weeks.

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